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Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great. Some achieve greatness. And others have greatness thrust upon them.
-William Shakespare

Each leader is unique and maintains a style based on their experiences and principles they choose to embody. The list below represent my core set of principles, and to be fair they were someone else’s before they were mine.

  • Be a shokunin; everyday just a little bit better than yesterday
  • Never stop learning
  • Start with the WHY, then go into the how and what
  • Leadership is a behavior, not a position
  • Be Positive!
  • Be data driven, but make sure the data is valid
  • Transparency is an absolute requirement, regardless of what is exposed
  • We must maintain a high bar for expertise
  • Admit mistakes and learn from them
  • Leaders do not have the luxury of being victims
  • Steal with Pride, but give due credit
  • The team is stronger and more effective then any single individual
  • You cannot talk about integrity
  • Always ask for help
  • Change its not only a constant, its what you do as a leader
  • Agile over waterfall
  • It is always about the people, protect and cultivate them
  • When only one option is presented, proceed with great caution
  • Avoid the lowest common denomeator, it leads to mediocrity not greatness

Books and References

With a principle of ‘Never stop learning’ you may have already guessed that reading and videos are a part of my daily life. It’s important to me that I take the best part of each book or video, combine them with others I have read and leverage my experience to guide me forward. No single book, or methodology, will work on its own and all will have to be adapted to your current organization. The list below are just a few of the items that have influenced me: