When I first started out in IT, I was lucky enough to find Wil Wheaton’s original site that contained a BBS called “Teh Soapbox”. This site lead me to a little known Geek Code standard. Yes the standard is out of date, but seriously its the Geek Code!  If you don’t know how to decode the code then check out the site.

Version: 3.1
GIT/CM/E d- s++:++ a C+++(++++) BLH++ P+ L+>$ E--- W+++
N--- o- K+++ w++++>$ O++ M++ V-- PS++ PE++ Y++ PGP t+++
5-- X+ R++ tv++ b++ DI++++ D---- G+++ e h- r+++ y+++

I have included this code block on nearly every personal website that I have created, and thought it was about time to include it here.